OtMC functions as a cohesive unit with all members of the team involved in the day-to-day operations of each account. The firm has established strong personal relationships with media, civic and industry leaders to ensure maximum return of investment on behalf of its valued clients.

Our Services

OtMC utilizes a collaborative team approach, allowing multiple perspectives and skill sets to be applied to any situation or account. Our account executives each have specialties, which they lend to every account, and all come together as a cohesive unit of each account’s team to provide the highest service for every client, operating under the direction of an account lead. Our collaborative and boutique approach allows us to remain flexible and nimble, proactive and service-oriented, and gives our clients a high level of personal interaction and ingenuity. (more…)

  • Media Relations
    • OtMC maintains personal relationships with local, regional and national media to create opportunities for clients to receive favorable, timely and widespread editorial coverage that helps create and sustain consumer awareness and drive the bottom line.

  • Event Coverage & Support
    • OtMC helps conceptualize and supports execution of social and media events of various types and sizes for clients upon request.

  • Marketing Partnerships
    • Strategic marketing alliances can create additional marketing resources, credibility and awareness with traditional and nontraditional markets. OtMC works on a client-by-client basis to audit preexisting relationships and target new opportunities.

  • Social Media Relations
    • The emergence of direct marketing opportunities through social media has created new avenues for brand reinforcement and audience creation. OtMC helps clients conceptualize and execute coordinated social media marketing campaigns.

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Public Relations and Advertising plays two different roles in a company. Advertising is the company’s way of telling its targeted consumers and...

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